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About Mick Karshner

Welcome to my official blog! Hi there, my name is Mick Karshner. I am a husband, father, coach, teacher, trainer and leader in the home based business industry. On this site you will find valuable resources to help you learn and grow on your way to becoming a successful entrepreneur. I am very passionate about helping others like you succeed in this industry. I have been blessed beyond measure and now want to be a blessing by helping others learn what I have learned.

Where I Came From

I grew up in a little town in central California. Typical middle class family. We farmed almond trees and I learned to work hard at a very young age. I was always the shy kid and pretty much kept to myself. I never really liked school and just forced my way through high school. I went straight to work out of high school and got by but always wanted more out of life.

Got Stuck In The Rut

Then I got stuck in the rut of life. In the rat race. Got married, had kids, spent more than I made and started to believe that none of my hopes and dreams in life would ever come true. I had built up a mountain of debt and it seemed like there was no way out. Still, I wanted more out of life and just knew there was something out there for me.

My First Exposure To The Home Based Business World

I was at home recovering from a back surgery and bored to death. I was goofing around online and decided to type “home business opportunity” in to Google. That is how I found my company and opened the door to the world of Community Commerce. I had finally found the vehicle I had been searching for all of my adult life. I had a hard time with Community Commerce at first. I had to work on myself and learn and grow personally to become successful in this industry. It is a process and it is so worth it.

Growing Personally

When I realized that my future success would be determined by how I grew personally, I started the process. I started reading, listening and participating in everything I could find about the home based business industry. I became a student and immersed myself in the information. I started my Community Commerce business with a mountain of debt and 22 bucks in the checking account. Financially I brought nothing to the table. What I did bring was a burning desire to make it happen! I started following a proven system that blends Hi-Touch with Hi-Tech and two short years later I was completely debt free and earning a 5 figure WEEKLY income! Yes weekly! I went from a broke Boat Mechanic to a Multi-Millionaire in just a couple of years!

Let’s Make It Happen

Now that I am free and living this incredible lifestyle, I want to share with others. With you! The forces that drive me have changed. First, it was to get myself and my family financially free. Today, my driving force, the thing that gets me out of bed in the morning is sharing this information with others. Helping common people to live uncommonly well. I am addicted to it! Helping people to overcome and become! I realize now that a disc rupturing in my back, back surgery and doing a Google search for a home based business was not a coincidence. It was all part of God’s master plan.

Ready To Team Up With Mick Karshner?

Today is the first day of the rest of your life. If you are SERIOUS about making a change in your life this year, I am taking on only 5 new people to personally mentor right now.

As I am ONLY looking for the most HIGH CALIBER people, PLEASE EMAIL your responses to the following 5 questions, to qualify.

Email to: ( Write “Ready to team up with Mick” in subject line)

1- How would earning $1000 per week change your life?
2- What books have REALLY inspired you?
3- Would you give a testimonial, once you are successful?
4- Are you okay with earning commissions, rather than hourly wages?
5- When are you ready to start?

NOT everyone will qualify. If you do NOT receive a return email, you did not meet the criteria.

If you are ready to learn my business secrets, then real success could be yours this year.

Many Blessings,
Mick Karshner

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  1. Cathy Hutchinson Says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your story Mick! I have heard it in person and it never fails to inspire me. You offer hope to others who find themselves broke and in a rut…..thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Blessings to you and your family as you continue to inspire and empower others.

  2. Vickie Karshner Dias Says:

    Very happy for you. I remember how quiet you were when you were young. I would really like to be a little more out going but I’m getting to old for that. I would like to try the diet part of your product if it does not cost to much.

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